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Future Fund is an initiative of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. We help young adults get involved in philanthropy and charitable giving. Members, known as Funders, pool their money so their charitable dollars make a bigger impact. Over the years, member funds have accumulated to make a Future Fund endowment we use to award $45,000 to local nonprofits each year. Active Funders plan and produce the innovative Future Fund 10 Program and Future Fund 10 LIVE to decide which nonprofits will use these funds to have the greatest impact on our community.

Once you are a funder you can be involved as much or as little as you like in Future Fund events and committee activities throughout the year. Future Fund hosts social and networking events and promotes charitable activities with other Funders and Future Fund alumni (over 1000 strong!). Funders gain friendships, mentors, and new skills as they work on various subcommittees to plan the programs and event.

Funders get to be part of an initiative bigger than themselves and truly make Greensboro what they want it to be.

Need to split up the payments? Contact Kate Kelley to set up your pledge schedule for your annual or lifetime membership.

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