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The Public Art Endowment at the Community Foundation is a permanent fund for the creation of new community artwork. The PAE is governed by its Trustees, a passionate group of enthusiasts for the arts and for Greensboro. Trustees are involved in all aspects of the endowment, including selection of artworks and development of related programming, as well as advocacy within the greater community for the Public Art Endowment and its mission. Trustees choose to make a commitment at one of three stewardship levels: $25,000+ to become an Endowment Trustee, $10,000 or $5,000 to become a Trustee. Any of these commitments may be paid over five years and confer a lifetime position as a Trustee. The more you give, the bigger your vote, but the maximum number of votes you can accumulate is 5. At the $25,000+ level, Endowment Trustees also are eligible to help determine the project budget as well as cull an initial pool of artist prospects. Smaller donations are also welcome!

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